What happened in 2011

With 2011 now behind us, let’s take a look at what happened with the band.

On the Contest Scene, the band competed in the 3rd Section at the North West Area Brass Band Championships for the first time in roughly 12 years. For the current band’s first outing in the Section, a very credible 7th position was attained. With the cancellation of the Buxton Contest, we attended the Kirkby Lonsdale Entertainment Contest in the June, at which we came 2nd in the 3rd Section as well as our Solo Euphonium picking up prizes for Best Soloist and Best Instrumentalist. Great achievements all round. The final Contest was the Northern Open in November where we were awarded 3rd Place.

We’ve said goodbye to two players, Matt Humphreys and Iain Weir who both left the band to attend University.
On the plus side we’ve had in influx of new members:

  • Greg Beards-Jones – 2nd Trombone
  • Tom Callan – Repiano Cornet
  • Ciaran Doyle – 2nd Cornet
  • Steve Hallworth – Soprano Cornet
  • Sally Hind – 2nd Horn
  • Andy Myers – Eb Bass
  • Mike Pennington – 2nd Cornet
  • Connor Simpson – Percussion
  • Will Szakal – Bb Bass

Along with players coming and going, there have been a few changes around the band too; Ben Aynsley (Solo Trombone) and Mike Topping (Bass Trombone) swapped seats, Sara Harcourt (Chairperson), Ian Barker (Concert Secretary) and Fred Cox (Tresurer) all announced that they will be stepping down from their positions within the committee. Replacements are yet to be found for Ian and Fred but Lynn Ramsbottom and Sue Goodare have taken over from Sara as Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson respectively.

With Contests cancelled we have had to pull out all the stops for fundraising this year. The Annual Band Quiz Night raised a staggering £1200 (again!!) to help re-coup some of the money lost from these contests.

We’ve also taken a more active presence on the internet with our new website and the new Facebook and Twitter pages to keep our followers informed with the latest news and events.

We must also mention the success that was our first full Christmas Concert since 2008 which also raised a large amount of money. Let’s hope this keeps up for the next one.

There have also been a number of congratulations over the last year too. These include:

  • Lynn Ramsbottom (2nd Baritone and Chairperson) who recently got engaged to partner Andrew Swift
  • Sara Harcourt (2nd Cornet) who, along with husband Mike saw the arrival of their baby girl Anna in March
  • Cheryl Heppenstall (1st Horn) and Sally Hind (2nd Horn) who both passed their auditions for the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain


We are now looking forward to seeing what 2012 has instore for us as we work towards to stabilise and improve on our position in the 3rd Section.

Happy New Year to all.